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“Aviation is the most exalted amongst the human species, is man in search for adventure. Is the being who detaches from the vulgarity of the earth to commune with the purity of the heavens and then descend and purify the ground only after having received the communion from the infinite.”

Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra, President of Ecuador

If this is how you feel about aviation, then you have landed at the right place. Contintental Aviation Academy specializes in pilot enhancement courses, such as Jet Transition, Interview Preparation, RVSM, MNPS, RNP, and more! We now invite you to navigate through our website for more information regarding our training programs.

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Jet Transition
You are soon to try to obtain a type rating on an A-320 or a Boeing 737-NG? This course is just for you!!!

International Procedures
This course covers critical information for Pilots who will, or operate in international airspace including: Oceanic Operations, MNPS, WATR’s, and more.

Reduce Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM)
Planning on operating your aircraft between FL290 and FL410? Then you must be trained in RVSM Operations, we can help you.

Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC)
This course has been designed to train single seat pilots in the team skills necessary for the safe operation of complex, multi crew aircraft.

Crew Resource Management (CRM)
This course is dedicated to teach the elemental tools needed for a proper and safe crew operation in a multi crew cockpit.

Interview Preparation
This course has been designed to teach and enhance students’ attitudes and behaviors, in order to increase their dream job at any level of the aviation industry.

NEW: Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS)
Is an avionics system which provides direct data link communication between aircraft and air traffic control.

NEW: Air Traffic Control Refresher
Refresh your knowledge of essential topics such as; communications, non-standard phraeseology, actions to emergency situations, technical failures, review of ICAO documents and more.

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FAA Certified Flight School

FAA Certified. Continental Aviation Academy is a certified FAA Part 141 flight school.

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